GOAN – What does GOAN Stand For?

What is GOAN? If you are a fan of adventure then you should not miss this GOAN gear. You can easily refer to the goan life as GOA NATION. We have created this gear to serve the way of life of our nation. We are proud to introduce our nation to the world. It is … Read more

LMTS Meaning – What Does LMTS Stand For? | What is LMTS Acronym


What is the LMTS? LMTS, which is short for Licensed Master Tester, is a system that enables gaming manufacturers to test the compatibility of their games with a wide range of computer operating systems. This includes testing an application on more than one operating system. In addition, the licence holder of an application can designate … Read more

OILA – What does OILA stand for?

OILA - What does OILA stand for

What does OILA mean? OILA is an acronym or abbreviation word used to refer to the World Energy Intelligence List of the Energy Information Administration, an independent U.S. agency. OILA means: Oil and LNG International Association. OILA Meanings and OILA Full Form OREGON INSTITUTE OF LITERARY ARTS (est. 1986; Portland, OR) OILA OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL LABOR … Read more

LOFE – What does LOFE stand for? | LOFE Meaning

What does LOFE stand for

You may be looking for the meaning of the LOFE acronym. Below are all the LOFE meanings we can find. What Does LOFE Mean? LOFE Meaning. A LOFE definition is a LOFE meaning is an explanation of the meaning of LOFE abbreviation. Definition of LOFE means a single person who is a member of a … Read more