LMTS Meaning – What Does LMTS Stand For? | What is LMTS Acronym

What is the LMTS?

LMTS, which is short for Licensed Master Tester, is a system that enables gaming manufacturers to test the compatibility of their games with a wide range of computer operating systems. This includes testing an application on more than one operating system. In addition, the licence holder of an application can designate other people as master testers who can test the same or different versions of the application on different operating systems. In this way, the holder of the LMTS licence can determine if the application will run properly on all supported operating systems.

LMTS is a voluntary certification programme that helps ensure that games and other software meet certain standards and work well with most computers and software applications. It ensures that you and your computer will not have problems connecting your game to another device or online service.

LMTS Meanings and LMTS Full Forms

LMTS :- Limits (Canada Post road designation)

LMTS :- Laser Marksmanship Training System (US Army)

LMTS :- Last Mile Transportation System

LMTS :- Lead Member of Technical Staff (various organization’s)

LMTS :- Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems

LMTS :- Lockheed Martin Technology Services

LMTS :- Lightweight Moving Target System

LMTS :- Last Minute Touristik Service (Germany: Last Minute Tourism Service)

LMTS :- Legacy Media Tracking Survey

LMTS :- Lynx Minimal Table Support

LMTS :- Laser Marksmanship Training System

LMTS :- Legacy Media Tracking Surveys

LMTS :- Larry Mitchel Trice, Sr.

LMTS :- Late Maturing Tall Stature

LMTS :- Larry M Trice Sr

LMTS :- Last Minute Toy Store

LMTS :- Legal Management Tracking System

LMTS :- Leticia Molinero Translation Studio

LMTS :- Little Miss Twin Stars

What is LMTS Acronym?

Definition LMTS (Limits) limits are designated route markings on long-distance highways.  LMTS (Taxiway) is the name of the system of lane markings on short-distance highways where vehicles can travel faster than the posted speed limit.

What is LMTS Definition?

LMTS (Limits) is a long-distance highway marking system that identifies the maximum speed limit for vehicles.


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